Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Home

This was my studio space for the past year as well as my home away from home. I spent more time in this little cubicle than I did in my dorm room. Although this is where I did way too much drafting, drawing, and model-making, it will always hold a place in my heart as my first studio space!

Color Week

Studying color theory for one week in studio was very interesting to me, as I love painting and using lots of color. I now have a better understanding of mixing colors and know the difference between a purple-yellow brown and a red-green brown.

Habitable Wall Presentation

These are pictures of my final presentation board and model for the habitable wall designed for Noguchi, as well as our entire group's presentations setup in the critique room.

Sleeping Space

This sleep space was inspired by the unusual beds that I found previously through a little research. I liked the egg shape of the bed and wanted to use a canopy without making it look like a crib. To make this model I used a floral foam mold, a sheet of cork, copper wire, thread, and a circle of white mesh.

Chili Pepper to Architecture

This is several iterations of my idea for a space inspired by drawings I did of a chili pepper.

Elsewhere Drawings

These are drawings of a place in downtown Greensboro called Elsewhere. The space is used as a museum of sorts where artists come to draw inspiration from the mounds of random stuff left over from a thrift store. Drawing the space was very difficult as there is so much stuff that it is hard to filter and it becomes rather overwhelming. I chose to focus on smaller vignettes within the space, allowing the drawings to have more detail.