Sunday, January 25, 2009

Assignment 1

In response to the article entitled “Computing in Architectural Design”, I believe that computing will continue to play a large part in the architecture field in the future.

Today, people in the architecture field use computer programs for computing more accurately such as the CAD systems that have been developed since the 1970’s, as well as rendering proportionately and more easily. These programs are helpful to prevent human calculating mistakes, and are making it easier to calculate curved shapes such as the fantastical designs of Frank Gehry. Without computers to help with calculating, designers would be limited to only creating 90 degree angles and box shaped buildings for fear of miss calculating. In using third generation CAD systems, designers can be informed when violating certain design codes or computers can automatically incorporate certain design aspects saving engineers tedious work. These programs are helpful and don’t inhibit the design process.

In the future, I wish to see further use of computers, but it is not in our best interest to depend on them completely. Computers should continue to be used in the future for architecture, but need to support the designer’s creativity and not hinder it.

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