Friday, March 6, 2009

A Place To Bathe

preliminary sketch

Floor Plan

reflected ceiling plan

wall elevation

wall sectionsketch model

perspective view of pool

perspective view of ceiling

This "place to bathe" was designed around people with spinal cord injuries. People with spinal cord injuries are usually dependent on a wheelchair and would benefit from a bath with wheelchair access. The water is good for soothing spasticity in muscles, which is common in people who spend most of their time seated in a wheelchair. The spinal cord transmits messages out from the brain to rest of the body. In the design, I let the central column represent the spine, and the different level changes that ripple off of the spine represent the messages sent through out the body.
I also took inspiration from Native American sweat lodges, specifically those in Mexico. Their bath houses, or Temazcalli, starting with the Mayan civilization, were typically dome-shaped with an oculus to let out the steam from the hot stones. My design reflects this with curved walls and a circular window at the top of the column.

Flooring materials are 4”x4” square terra cotta tiles, Quantum by Ann Sacks
and 1”x4” rounded glass tiles. The color will be medium gray for the square tiles, and white rounded tiles. For the finish the texture will be rough on the square tiles for tread with a metallic glaze, and the rounded tiles polished to show level changes. sealer over both to waterproof. The walls will be made of stucco and painted light gray with a semi-gloss. The central column will be made of the same 1"x4" rounded glass tile from the floor in white and polished to subtly reflect light.

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