Friday, December 4, 2009

Aunt Jan's

For Thanksgiving this year, My mother and I decided on a change of pace and took a trip up to Virginia to stay at my Aunt Jan's.  To be honest, my Aunt Jan is really my Great Aunt Jan so she is in her 90's these days.  One of the best things about visiting her is the beautiful house she lives in.  She has a wonderfully hap-hazard way of styling her home as if to say, "that'll do".  The home is cluttered with old photos and worn pieces of furniture passed down from generations past, but somehow it appears terrifically stylish.  I have great childhood memories of roaming this house and discovering treasures around every turn.

My Aunt Jan is the big picture next to the window that looks like an old Hollywood glamour photo.  Beautiful.


  1. Your aunts house is AWESOME. i would live in that in a second. ...really awesome.

  2. I love the pictures of your Aunt's house. How lucky you are to have these images to feed your brain! It starts with the choosing of the objects, too, doesn't it? Lovely!!!!