Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Reading Room: Final

Located in a patio between the Gatewood Studio Arts building and the Graham building on the UNC-G campus, this space is first defined by stripes of grass that lead students to a shelter and four chairs. These stripes promote circulation and flow through out this underused outdoor space by visually suggesting pathways. The design of this space was initially inspired by the human form; specifically, a reader. This initial form was manipulated and transformed to create a dynamic space beginning with the reading chairs and then branching out into the concrete grid pattern directing users to various destination points. The stripes also lead to several different areas with seating options, giving the user choices between communal or individual spaces. People who prefer an individual study/reading space find refuge in a shaded area beneath the trees in a lower traffic area. For those who require a more collaborative study space or just a group meeting area, the central high traffic area has been modified to accommodate this with wide benches and a lower flowerbed to create a visual focus.




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