Friday, May 8, 2009

Hipster Haven: Urban Planes

Presentation Board
Materials ModelSketch ModelStair Model

Loft PlanReflected Ceiling Plan
Floor Plan
East Wall Section
North Wall Section
Detailed Wall Section
Orthographic View of StairsThe apartment complex Jennifer and I designed focused on apartments that fit together like puzzle pieces. We wanted to create something different than the usual rectangular spaces giving the complex a selling point. For my individual apartment design, I stuck with this concept and utilized a boardwalk to direct circulation in the space. It also helped to break up the space in a unique way, rather than using walls. On the ceiling, the boardwalk is reflected using a row of skylights pushed up into the ceiling. I made use of more sustainable materials such as Lyptus wood, Ice Stone for the countertops, and the original concrete floors. This space is ideal for a couple of the x and y generation.

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