Sunday, May 10, 2009

Object of Persuasion

This is a poster I made in photoshop for a dining room table I designed earlier in the year.  I wanted to emphasize the long lines of the table by orienting the poster horizontally and utilizing a photo of my table that focused on the linear aspect of the design.  The word 'lineage' refers to the linear design of the table including the stainless steel strip running down the center of the table top.  However, I also chose the word 'lineage' because it also relates to a timeline or family heritage.  This, I thought, was an important message to send to the potential buyers because the warmth of the distressed wood as well as the familial aspect of the name remind people of the large gatherings that could take place around such a table.  The text in the poster is one straight line to again emphasize the linear design of the table and it further explains the design of the table.  I also included some line drawings at the top of the poster to illustrate that the table can be pulled apart to make two seperate tables to meet the needs of different families and their homes.

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