Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Product, A Designer, and A Space

This is a wire pendant light by Green and Graham design.  I thought the wire design would create interesting shadow patterns on the walls and create for an inspiring space.  I also liked the open design exposing the bulb allowing for optimal light emitted

This is an installation by Dale Chihuly, an inspiring artist who works with blown glass shapes and lighting to create unique works of art.  I chose this image for its surprising reflections and shadows casted on the wall.  The blown glass shapes are apparently backlit creating a dramatic effect on the space.

I found this image of an outdoor mall space with a tent-like covering to create an interesting lighting effect.  The white material gives the illusion that it is still bright outside, distracting shoppers from noticing the real color of the sky.
This may be a strategy by the mall to encourage shopping late into the day.


  1. Hello!
    I like your color choices. I think that they are very clean , easy to read, and professional. I also like the contrast of the header and its legibility. I would like to see the images line up on the left hand side to continue the lines of the header. It might also be easier to navigate if the categories were above the dates on the right hand side.


  2. Hey Lilly!

    I enjoy looking at your profile. Its visually pleasing to me. The colors you used didn't overpower your work. The fact that you used the same color green for the heading as well as behind you in your picture was cool. It made the two cohesive. My suggestion for improving your blog even more is to maybe think of your blog as more of a journal. I don't mean to be completely casual and informal..but maybe find a balance between formal and informal. Let people see your wonderful personality :)

  3. the dark grey background really makes your work stand out and your header looks great against it. the drawing you did for the header helps to give your blog a personal touch but i agree that if you line up your images on the left hand side it would give it a clean look if everything was lined up on one side.

  4. Lilly! I love you title! The color and the drawings are very green-eggs and ham reminiscent, but i love it! The bright green really pops, but doesn't overpower your work, and it looks really nice. The only thing I can think to tell you would be to center your descriptions on your posts to make them more uniform, other than that, great blog!

  5. I also love the color choices, and how they balance well with the drawing in your header and the background in your picture. I also like the strong 2 column layout (laura had this template I think, I need to look into it), and the variations within the column, aligning elements within the post align his way and the other. This blog looks great, the only thing I'd watch out for is that long stretches of pictures can start to look monotonous after awhile.

  6. Love how you've pulled the color from your header into the background of your profile photo. Also, the gray background works very's soothing. I would consider thinning down your header so it isn't so heavy at the top of your page. Perhaps the green background doesn't need to completely surround your drawing?!?