Thursday, November 1, 2007


The Reveal light is an innovative product that simulates an image of a window with sunlight shining through it by projecting it on a wall. Rooms are so greatly affected by windows and the amount of light that this product could considerably improve the feeling of a room.

The corner lamp is a smart and practical design that allows the user to put a lamp flush up against a wall. This creates much more floor space and gives the look of a wall sconce without having to mess with mounting and electrical cords.

Olivia Cheung's light bulb packaging product is an important step towards green product design by using the idea of reusing light bulb packaging in the form of a light bulb shade. The design of the packaging is an art piece within itself with paper cut outs of flowers and insects. Instead of buying a shade made of non-recyclable materials, Cheung presents this idea of using the package as a shade. Unfortunately, by creating this beautiful shade made of recycled materials she is using nearly three times the amount of paper that would usually be used to package the bulb. Also when its time to buy a new bulb, the buyer would have to get a whole new package of bulbs including the shade. So are you really helping the environment by using this product or is it doing just as much damage as before?

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