Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crazy Eights' - Codes Charrette

The Crazy Eights’

After researching, decoding, and sorting through the myriad of codes, ergonomic issues, and proxemic issues we were better able to asses our models from both the bus shelter and shelter bus charrette's. It became apparent that our original designs, while creative and inventive, were lacking in several major fundamental areas. As a group we all have varying experience with codes, ergonomic and proxemic considerations, but generally these aspects of design are new, and untaught subjects we are eager to study further. We are all in agreement that the regulations published by ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) and various other sources, are absolutely pertinent to the design process; without these considerations impairment of fine innovative ideas is inevitable. We feel its highly important for designers, architects and even decorators to an extent, to educate themselves about necessary requirements, codes and human interactions within spaces in order to optimize the users overall experience. While ingenuity is at a premium in our industry it is also essential that we understand the how, and why aspects of codes, ergonomics and proxemic particularly as we continue to progress forward with sustainable design, which has its own intricate guide of requirements and regulations. The future of design will never be evident however, it is unmistakable that our responsibility is to our fellow citizens to create, and provide the most comprehensive, and universally acceptable designs possible. The four of us agree that our future as designers will be vastly influenced by the current design standards, and potentially new standards we set forth. The principles we learn now are going to make us all more proficient and competent designers, attributes that we should all be proud of.

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