Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Postcard to Jenny Paige

Dear Jenny Paige,
I was surprised and inspired to discover the extent to which you and your team have worked to incorporate sustainability and green design into the UNC-G campus. It is extremely important to me that we as people today are more aware of what we are doing to preserve our environment. Last year when I was a freshman, our dorm was very focused on living a green life. The idea to make it a competition on who could recycle the most bottles was brilliant because it just makes people want to recycle even more. Having the blue recycling bags in our rooms really encouraged me, and others I'm sure, to recycle rather than to throw it in with our trash. Another one of your teams ideas to better the campus is the use of trays in the cafeteria. Doing away with the trays is a great way to reduce our use of water when it comes to cleaning them as well as keeping students from wasting as much food, because they can only take what can fit on their plate. Thank you so much for making UNC-G a better place for the environment.

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