Friday, October 23, 2009

The Hatchery: Concepts Collage

These were a few inspiring images i found online branching off of the idea of a "hatchery".  I immediately thought of birds when we were presented with this project because of Ashley's logo depicting a bird egg, however, I soon discovered that there are fish hatcheries as well.  I liked the idea of the fish hatchery because when a fish lays eggs there are hundreds or thousands of them, while birds only lay a few.  To me the fish might represent community in a different way with so many of them.
There are also 3 images that I found while searching "nests" and "nesting".  I loved the nesting bowls in the top left and the nesting toy boxes in the bottom right.  I thought those could easily inspire a space, maybe with some layering of walls or surfaces.  The image in the top right shows a unique community of bird nests in Tanzania made by a black-necked weaver that I found fascinating with such an odd shape and color.  I hope to translate this collage of images into a concept and a creative design for The Hatchery.

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