Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Hatchery: Conceptual Framework Narrative

My decided concept for The Hatchery is fish eggs.  I have chosen to abandon the image of the hatching chicken egg and move to fish eggs because I like the statement it makes about community.  Fish eggs are laid in much greater numbers, hundreds or thousands, where as birds tend to lay eggs only 3 or 4 at a time.  The Hatchery is reaching out to the Greensboro community, and that is a large group of people.

Certain aspects of fish eggs that I would like to pursue are as follows: clustering, translucency, multitude, floating, and a warm glow from within.  To achieve this affect, I like the idea of using translucent plastic tubes of varying heights protruding from the ceiling (and maybe some off the walls as well).  These tubes would cluster around important areas within the store, helping with wayfinding, and then become more sparse in areas of less use.  They would help to mold the space by flowing from higher to lower ceiling heights.  Lower ceiling heights could be used in the retail space, consultation room, bathroom and the studio area to create a more intimate atmosphere.  I'm also considering lighting the tubes from behind to create a warm glow that I found in many images of fish eggs, especially if the tubes were tinted a light shade of orange or yellow.

As far as layout and planning the space, I want to use semi-transparent or frosted glass walls to partition between spaces.  However, it is also important for these walls to be temporary and moveable maybe by incorporating a track system because the space should be moldable so it can transform for different functions.  I am also very attracted to raising certain spaces such as the consultation room or the studio space to further pursue the floating aspect of my concept.

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  1. Hello,

    I really like the imagery and materials that you are talking about. I am excited to see how you will apply the idea of floating! Have you seen the "Cloud City" ballet studio on my blog as inspiration? I think that it is a really beautiful manifestation of floating. I think that the phrasing of your concept could be developed further but I like where you are going!!!