Friday, September 4, 2009

Connect The Dots- Material Board

The design for this undergarment and sleepwear store will be based on the concept of braille.  I love the idea of braille because it is a form of communication and it offers a unique texture.  Both of these aspects of braille were important to me and I wanted to convey this within the retail space.  I chose materials with varying textures for the space also to relate to the merchandise.  When buying sleepwear and undergarments the most important thing to me is what the material is and how it feels.  I tried to reflect the braille's dots in other ways through out the space with the pendant lamps and the resin and cocoa cylinders.  With the cylinders, I planned to arrange them in lines with the manniquins on top interacting with one another to suggest the communication aspect of the braille.  I want the merchandise to be what "connects the dots".

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