Monday, September 14, 2009

Timepiece: Connect The Dots

1.  This is a clock I've designed to be placed in my retail space.  The face is made of stainless steel and as the time passes by the faces will rotate and the holes will reveal the numbers beneath it.  The small circle will represent the hours and the circle on the outside ring will represent the minutes.  I was inspired by a wrist watch shown in my earlier post that was designed for someone blind and made use of raised bumps to denote the hour and minute hand.

2.  I worked on stretching my concept of braille even further and began to consider feeling and the nervous system as the blind depend on their sense of touch to read.  The timepiece would be a large design made of wire or string mounted on the ceiling and molded in the shape of the dendrite part of a neuron.  The nervous system would be represented by wires or string and then attached to small, dim halogen lights.  As the lights go off and on, they would suggest  the energy released when neurons are fired.  Every five minutes the lights in the timepiece would go off in succession starting in the center of the dendrite moving outward into the store.  I also considered having the lights go off rapid fire on the hour, but that may be too distracting for customers.

3.  For my final timepiece design I wanted to incorporate the importance of texture that I have through out the rest of the space.  I considered many silly things such a sandbox that customers would mark in with tools and would show time by building up during the time the store is open.  By the end of the day, you would be able to see the masses of people that had visited the store and would be clear to start again fresh the next day.  I also wanted to incorporate this new idea of the nervous system so I thought of ripples in the sand at the ocean when the tides go in because they have a similar branching shape.  There could be some sort of waterfall that would run constant over the sand creating these "veins" in the sand.  However, I think this might be hard to recreate.  I even considered an in store ant farm recessed in the wall as shown in the image above.  The ant farm would obviously change over time as the ants explored new spaces and the tunnels would branch out into the dirt similar to the nervous system and from far away the ants just look like (what else?) dots!
***The color of this image was distorted on blogger, sorry!

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