Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marketing Techniques for Salvation Army Select

Although I doubt that many people in our design studio can crochet, I still thought that this was an interesting and sustainable way to make a product for cheap (they are made from plastic grocery bags) and my sister tells me they are very easy to make.  One would just need crochet needles.  I thought the coaster would be easier and could be made to put in the mailbox with a note attached putting emphasis on the re-using aspect of donating to the salvation army select and maybe giving a specific time when to put out clothes to be donated.

This idea is to set up mannequins in a public area with a lot of traffic flow on campus like the EUC. It is relatively easy to get used or worn mannequins from department stores for little to nothing.  The mannequins would include  signage explaining the new salvation army select store and how the students can help by donation.  I particularly like this idea because it gives the students a chance to have fun with the donation process by dressing the mannequins themselves.

3. FOLD:
This final idea is an extremely cheap and easy way to market for this store.  The idea is to fold t-shirts out of old newspapers or magazines or any recycled paper product for that matter and include a simple message.  The t-shirts could be given to local stores, more specifically clothing stores, and they could then give them to customers after a purchase.  I think the origami would be more effective than the usual flyer because of its unusual shape and hand-made appearance they will take a second look.

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