Monday, September 21, 2009

Inspiration: Art

starting from left to right: Louise Nevelson, Andy Warhol, Jerry Uelsmann, Claude Monet, Marc Chagall, Sandro Botticelli, Marcel Duchamp

starting from left to right: Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Hamilton, Alexander Calder, Frank Stella, Yamashita Kumi, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

I find art to be a great inspiration to me as a designer, hence my blog name. In all my years in IARc, when ever we are assigned studio projects I go down to the 2nd floor of Gatewood to look at the art student's work to help me with ideas. These images shown are a compilation of just some of my favorite pieces of art that could easily be translated into the design of a space.


  1. Hey LIly,
    I LOVE your inspiration graphic. it SCREAMS anthropologie and that whole vintage French feel, which I absolutely LOVE. All the colors are really appealing too. cool work!