Sunday, December 9, 2007


DBI architects has a unique website. Their entire website looks like a graphed architectural drawing. They also incorporate color well into the site with a black background, white text, and red as an accent color for things that need to stand out. However, there were a few minor things about the site though that I did not like. First of all I wish they would have used the whole page, it seemed that the site only took up the center part of the page so there was a lot of negative space on the sides that went to waste. Also on some of the pages the text appears rather small. Text should not be difficult to read or otherwise viewers will not take the time to read what the company is trying to say. I also did not like the way the projects were displayed. The website shows one main picture of the space and then has a smaller slideshow of other views of the space. I would have liked to be able to stop on the slideshow pictures and view them larger.

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