Monday, December 10, 2007

Seth Rolland

Seth Rolland is a custom furniture designer who specializes in wood. I thought his work was very interesting because it is both modern and organic-looking.
I loved this chair design with its fin-shaped back. He creates a "u" shape with the seat and then mirrors it with the arm rests. I also love that it is sitting on only three legs because it gives the chair a more modern feel.
This buffet table to me looks like upside-down reeds sticking out of the water. I love how the wood pieces create a zigzag on the floor and also on the opposite way where they meet the glass.

The design of this coffee table is totally brilliant. The use of different colored woods emphasis the two different shapes. While the darker arc stands on its side the two lighter fanned pieces are supported by the round pieces. Rolland puts the focus on these contrasting shapes by making the top out of glass.
The North Beach Hall table is all about balance. It looks almost prehistoric with its use of a large stone to balance one end of the table. I also like to think of the table as an "A" flipped on its side that has just tripped on a stone.

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