Monday, December 10, 2007

Jurgen Mayer H.

Mayer is a German designer with an affinity for geometric, triangle patterns. This is the Court of Justice in Hasselt, Belgium. The shape of the building is quite odd as it is an irregular shape. The walls are covered in windows forming a geometric pattern that I find quite unique and interesting.
This is the cafeteria at the university in Karlruhe, Germany. Mayer again uses the geometric patterns on the exterior walls, but also uses them here on the interior walls and the ceiling. I like the lighting techniques here with the bars of light accenting the diagonal lines of the geometric patterns. However I don't like the colors used here because it reminds me a bit of a psychiatric ward.

In product design, Mayer has another obsession: heat sensitive materials. The product depicted here is a bed sheet that turns white when it gets warm. Although I see no practical reasoning behind this product, it would still be fun to play around with.