Monday, December 10, 2007

Zaha Hadid

This designer from Baghdad, Iraq uses a web-like design in much of her work. In this case, it is in the interior of the Moore building in Miami, Florida. The web design pulls the viewers eye from one side to the other creating a much more visually active space.
Here she uses the web-like pattern for a table. The use of diagonal lines give this table lots of movement. I am particularly fascinated with the reflective metal used on the table. I can imagine myself eating at this table and looking down and catching a glimpse of myself with food on my face. I'm not sure how appetizing that would be, but it is pretty all the same.

This is the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio and it was Zaha Hadid's first commission in the US. The design is much different from the first two I displayed. It is very geometric with the squares protruding off the building compared to the organic shapes of the web-like designs. I like the color she used here with one black cube and all the rest in a gray color.

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