Sunday, December 9, 2007


This design firm's website was both creative and efficient. The website opens up with slideshow of different projects that HOK has designed. The pictures were large and took up nearly the whole page except for the HOK logo and two words: ideas work. I loved that they put all the focus on their projects rather than having long explanations backing up the pictures. When you put your mouse over the word "work" a long list of categories comes up and you can choose which type of design you wish to view. Each of these pages were designed very well with unique ways of displaying the pictures. I also commend them on their photography. All their pictures colorful and showed the spaces at different times during the day. Some even used time-lapse photography which I found gave the projects a more artistic look and made it more interesting. The spaces designed by HOK were very impressive, especially their "aviation" category displaying the airplane terminals they have designed all over the world.

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