Saturday, December 8, 2007

Verner Panton

Verner Panton was a very unique and influential designer from Denmark. Although having passed in 1998 his work is still in production as its popularity never died. His work all looks like it is from the sixties yet still works today with an oddly modern feel.

This design called "The Living Tower" is a unique design as it is a piece of furniture that allows different people the opportunity to use the piece in different ways. One person may want to lay down while the other wants to sit. It allows for many different sitting positions yet it does not take up a lot of floor space because it is a sort of tower. It reminds me of a cat condo. I love this piece and could imagine enjoying it in my own home.

This "Moon Lamp" from 1960 was a surprise for me to find on Panton's website. I have seen this design before and liked it, not knowing who had designed it. This particular lamp is versatile because you can move the curved pieces to create the shape you are looking for and can even expose the bulb for more light. The Moon Lamp reminded me of Christyn's time capsule that she presented on Friday.
Verner Panton's interior designs are just as unique as his furniture. In all of the interiors that I looked at by Panton there are lots of bright colors and it is a focal point of each room. This is a picture of the Varna Restaurant made in 1970 in Denmark.

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