Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Interiors

This is a neo-classical styled library in a home in Long Island, New York designed by Thomas Britt. The space immediately caught my eye because of the unique use of color. I have yet to decide whether I like it or not. The majority of the furniture is red and white while the walls are yellow and the ceiling is blue. I am not so sure that a library with such bright colors would allow for very much concentration on the books. However I do love the spiral stairs and the cat walk, as that would be included in my ideal library if I were to design one.
This bathroom designed by David Ling has a very rustic but modern feel. I love the simple look of the white walls, the weathered wood ceiling and the stone tiles of the bathtub. I think it is very difficult to incorporate both a modern and an antique look in a space, but it is successful here. I love the exposed sink plumbing, as it gives the space a more deconstructed look. The open shower only divided from the room by a piece of glass also ties into the deconstruction theme. I also found it interesting the way the designer made the walls be cut off at the top so that they don't reach all the way to the ceiling. This I think brings focus to the weathered ceiling and gives the room a more modern look.

This is the home of a man from Boston in Northern Thailand. There is obvious influence from nature as there are three walls exposed to the gardens and there are many artifacts such as the elephant statues from Thailand. The room is very symmetrical with the bed centered in the room and the door in the center of the wall behind that. I love the matching wooden statues that look like abstract cranes that seem to frame the room and give height to the space. The colors used in this bedroom are also very nice with the natural dark wood on the trim and ceiling, as well as the pumpkin orange color on the far wall of the space. The pop of blue in the center of the room on the pillows is nice as it is unexpected.

At first glance, I thought I didn't like this room because of its rich, southern parlor feel. But then when I looked at it the second time I realized how inviting it appeared. The butter yellow on the walls is a very warm color. It makes you want to come into the room, sit down on the couch, and read a book. The floral patterns on the rug, couch and the chair, seem to work together as they are all different sized florals, so they are not as overwhelming. I also have a big soft spot of this kind of design, as it is very similar to how my grandmother designed her home.

This Manhattan penthouse is very glamorous with its metallic grand piano, velvet floor length curtains and high barrel-vaulted ceilings. I personally do not like this design because it makes me feel like I shouldn't touch anything, as if it were a museum. A person's home should be a place that they are comfortable in and are free to live and interact with the space. One thing that I do like about the space is the monochromatic color scheme. I think sometimes monochromatic looks overdone, but here it works because the designer has used different shades of a rosey neutral mixed with the off-white and metallic silver. It has a lot more dimension than many monochromatic rooms I have seen.

This is the interior of an African Lodge in Kenya. I loved the openness of the room with one whole wall being glass covered by long sheer curtains. It allows the focus of the room be the exterior landscape of Kenya. The room itself is very natural, again reflecting the outdoors, by using woodfloors and wood beams for the roof and walls. The furniture is very simplistic and very neutral, encouraging the vistors to admire the landscape through the window.

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