Saturday, December 8, 2007

Random Product Designs

This is a cheese grater from the Italian company Alessi. This design I thought, was incredibly brilliant. My grandmother is always making me grate cheese and she has the worst kind of grater that never works correctly. I liked this one because it comes with a container for the cheese to fall into after it is grated. It is also small enough to hold in your hand, so it is not such an awkward task. I also love that it comes in lots of fun colors for you to pick from.

Marcus Tremonto has recently been getting lots of attention for his new product series called Ragno. His product is composed of a two-dimensional traditional chandelier made of an "electroluminescent material" on acrylic. This new interpretation of a chandelier illiminates the hassle of installations that were a major problem with the heavy classic chandeliers (as I well know). This is much easier to install and has a very young, modern look with the flourescent colors.

This is a very bold look by Kohler. It is becoming increasingly popular to have the sink as a bowl on top of the counters rather than being flush with the countertops. I love the way it is done here with the clear glass and the way the water creates reflections on the countertop. I also like to see the faucet coming from the wall rather than the counter like a shower does. The simplicity of the faucet is perfect so as not to distract from the focal point of the reflections.

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