Sunday, December 2, 2007

Some Interiors

This space has a very organic feel with the use of leather, wood, plants and the vines painted on to the walls. I love the coffee table that looks like a volute from the top of a column. The detail around the mirror gives the mirror a much greater presence and makes it look very expensive.
I thought this space was very unique by Kelly Wearstler. She uses the periwinkle color on both the chairs and the wallpaper, but makes it work by subtly differentiating the chairs from the wallpaper. The wallpaper has an interesting tree and bird pattern while the two chairs are leather and have a white grid that breaks it up. On a different note, I love the shape of the chairs with the rounded top. It would make eating at the table more intimate by enclosing the space. I love Jonathan Adler designs with his bright colors and use of patterns. This color combination with the yellow and green, and the black and white accents is very refreshing. Usually this would be seen the other way around with the yellow and green used less often within the space. The wallpaper is very busy but he breaks it up with the solid fabrics on the bed and the solid window treatments.
This dining room from Kelly Hoppen's apartment is monchromatic except for the pop of yellow accents on the table creating a much more interesting color palette. I also love the use of mis-matched chairs because it is unexpected but still looks put-together. Usually I hate animal prints but in this room Kelly uses it sparingly in the rug and chair upholstery so it is not so overwhelming.

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