Sunday, December 9, 2007

Spanish Design

Spanish trends include stucco walls, terra cotta roofing, brightly colored tiles, red accents, wrought iron details, dark woods and stone. Landscaping is also an important part of Spanish design as plants are always incorporated into homes.
This is Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain designed by Antonio Gaudi. It is an example of art nouveau with its curved exterior influenced by organic shapes. The patios are surrounded by web-like wrought iron and the roof is equally as organic with its curved dome-like shape. Gaudi was a famous architect in Spain and is very influential for Spanish design today.
This is a photo of a typical street in Barcelona, Spain. Within the city it appears that the car is not dominating, but rather the pedestrian. A normal car would not be able to fit down this street. This is something you would never see in an American city. You can also see some examples of Spanish design trends such as the plants on the balconies and the wrought iron accents as well as some tile work.

Wrought iron is a popular decorative element used in many Spanish designs. In this case it is used as a decoration for a wall, but it can also be used on doors, windows, furniture, and fences.
It has a beautiful contrast here against the pale stucco wall.

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  1. No doubt wrought iron products have a timeless appeal. Can you post on your blog about the patterns used in different products....